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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Move

We created AdventureClimbVR #ACVR because as VR developers and climbing junkies, we felt we needed to bring some of the thrills, the views, and the puzzles it affords to everyone.  

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Our Story

MXTreality is a team of approximately 10 devs, who primarily make money from creating VR training experiences.  We have been known for other stuff too - like 250M+ AR views, 1,000 daily virtual bungee jumpers, 3M players of MazeWalkVR on appstore, and advanced MR medical solutions.  However, every so often, we stop working on stuff that makes money to work on projects of the heart.  Often these are #tech4good experiences, and occasionally these are just passion projects.
At the core of our values, is making digital entertainment across devices that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Wherever possible, we also thrive to build community, and bring people, companies, and most importantly experiences to all.

Meet The Team

In the Media

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