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Welcome to
ACVR 2.0
(our super secret select testing focus group)

We've redesigned ACVR from the ground up.  

We listened to your ideas and we've tried to implement them.

Welcome to "your" climbing experience!

ACVR ending.png



We invite you to test our new custom dynamic climbing engine, built for exercise, rehab, and fun.

Please read the notes below to help you get started



We'd love to hear your ideas:

What you like, dislike, and especially ideas you have to make this the best it can be!



Install Instructions

(1) Download from this your email link
(2) Save to an easy harddrive location
(3) Right-click the file and click unzip
(4) If you see a pop-up, click more-info, and click trust.
(5) Open the new folder and you'll see ACVR.exe. Double click that to start your PCVR experience

Build Notes v02.00.06 

  1. New Entry system to allow for multiple maps

  2. Storyline still WIP (no voiceover or instructions included)

  3. Levels include skyscraper (earth), lava (io), ice (europa), rock (mars), space station

  4. New hand positional concepts, including single, double, triple, quadruple, or open hand grabs - auto state check depending on hand position when attempting to grab using grip buttons.

  5. Every object is a feature - while you can't grab everything, you can use anything to help stabilize, balance, or push off.

  6. Each level has (or will have) unique levels of movement, interaction, and features 

  7. Each level has more than one way to finish

  8. Timers, achievements, easter eggs, and special features (falling rocks, ice storms, etc will be in an upcoming build)


Known Bugs v02.00.06 

  1. Menu system doesn't work properly on all devices (small left menu button)

  2. Pill-body still present (to help debug).  We will remove this in final build.

  3. Hands are currently simple - will have neutral gloves in final build



For current testing, controls are very simple:

  • Joysticks for walking (while on the ground)

  • Grip buttons for gripping

  • Triggers for activating things

  • Left mini button to return to the menu

ACVR ending.png



Please expect this to be buggy, but the core dynamics are there.  We'll be adding instructions, fixing bugs, adding features, timers, leaderboards, achievements, etc - but we'd like to hear your ideas... the good and the bad - as it's the only way to improve



We'd love to hear your ideas:

What you like, dislike, and especially ideas you have to make this the best it can be!

Some of the levels may not work in this version.

Level grid (2k).png
ACVR ending.png



We are designing this game based on customer feedback.  We believe building a game this way makes it better for all.

If your ideas play a significant role, we will add an easter egg in your honor!

Please let us know your thoughts

We are especially interested in things you like, dislike, bugs, storyline ideas, special features to add, and any thoughts you have around game play

If you notice a control or UX bug, please also note your VR device in your notes.

Your details were sent successfully!

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