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Adventure Climb VR is a climbing game that MXTreality has crafted in order to bring the adventure of a globally enjoyed sport to an accessible environment where non-veteran climbers can experience the highs of peaks without the dangers or rigorous training required.

Adventure Climb VR is the room-scale climbing experience that puts you at the base of the Canyon. Achieve triumph through a rock climbing challenge designed by actual rock climbers. Enjoy the exhilarating experience of climbing with none of the drawbacks (not limited to chalking up, the approach, or even death). Race to the top, or meander aimlessly enjoying the views all the way to the peak.



  • Explore the Canyon climbing area by finding easter eggs or even going off track.


  • Immerse yourself in different climbing styles assembled by veteran rock climbers.


  • Race with friends or yourself to get the best possible time!


  • There is a zip line. I mean, there IS A ZIP LINE!

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