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Does adding Haptics increase immersion?

A glance into what we are doing with bHaptics vest, arm bands, head gear, virtual smells, and gloves.

As you may know, we've been working with Teslasuit for the past several years

The Teslasuit experiences are geared for commercial applications, and therefore not suitable for the every day person, who has some haptic gear at home.

We are huge believers that any and all sensory information reduces sickness, increases immersion, and augments the fun.

To that end, we have recently partnered with bHaptics to integrate their full range of haptic products, including vest, face plate, and arm bands into ACVR.

The bHaptics "tactal" faceplate attaches to your headset and allows you to feel any head sensations including impacts

The "tactosy" for arms are wearable bands that you can place on your forearms (or elsewhere), to allow you to feel vibrations in your arms and the tendons that attach to your hands. We're implementing them as a way to feel the grab of the rock

Very soon you'll be able to feel the rock, the birds, the waterfall, your heartbeat, and even your virtual death!

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