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Your ordinary world, is about to become



#AdventureClimbVR is a climbing game by the studio MXTreality, created to bring the fun, thrill, and adventure of climbing to everyone, and without the real world dangers or rigorous training.


The ultimate in virtual


Made By Climbers

For Climbers (and everyone with an adventurous spirit)

Easter Eggs

Don't go by time alone, can you find the 50 easter eggs?  17 of which have special achievements.



Time yourself, beat your best, compare to your friends on the leadership board


An out-of-this-world

In our latest update (July 18th, 2022), we have:

  • updated level one (hidden canyon) - yet kept it free!

  • improved the game mechanics, physics, and hand positions

  • added various gravity and friction elements - so you can boldy go!

  • added an optional DLC with 5 new levels

  • listened to your feedback and made 20+ improvements


A little taste of what's to come... 


In 2019, as a fun side project we worked on and released ACVR v1.0 on SteamVR

We gave it away for free

We received some great feedback

We listened

We adapted and waited for enough time to bring you this huge update

Adventure Climb VR is a room-scale climbing experience that requires stretching, stamina, and puzzle solving abilities. You can achieve triumph through rock climbing challenges designed by actual rock climbers. Enjoy the exhilarating experience of climbing with none of the drawbacks (not limited to chalking up, the approach, or even death!). Race to the top, find alternative paths, find easter eggs, and  enjoy the views all the way to the peak.



  • Explore the various climbing areas with unique hazards

  • Finding over 50 easter eggs 

  • Try different climbing styles assembled by veteran rock climbers

  • Race with friends or yourself to get the best possible time!

  • Climbing in space!

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